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Clock Repair

Time is of the essence - whether we are at home or in a public area, we make sure that our schedules fit accordingly with time. Although, many have their phones and watches as clocks, the grandfather, mantle and wall clock show more than just the time. Each with intricate detail upon design, size and color, these clocks give any interior that finishing touch.

However, a clock that doesn’t work is just a piece of dysfunctional furniture. Sometimes it breaks down, the movement of the hands are off or the piece becomes a dust collector, your clock begins to lose its value. When this happens, call London Watch & Clock Company Inc. right away so we can restore your clock back to new! In addition to clock repair, we also do watch repair, watch sizing, jewelry repair and more!

For the best clock repair, visit or contact our jewelry store at London Watch & Clock Company Inc. in San Antonio, TX today!